My Insanity Workout experience: Train insane or stay the same


Before I started Insanity, I weighed about 80 kg and my body was not in excellent shape. I had been doing some sport for a while, like squash and running, usually once or a few times a week. However this seemed not sufficient to really get back into shape.

An encounter with the Insanity Workout

I came across some image on Facebook, which stated “Life never gets easier, you just get stronger” and the discussion related to the image was about Insanity Workout. I read quite some interesting comments there about people claiming that Insanity was the hardest workout they had completed and had gained impressive results doing so.

Insanity Workout

Let me be honest, we have all seen many advertisings in which people lose 50 pounds overnight, gain massive muscle without working out and so forth … and by now we all know there is a lot of bullsh*t marketing out there with the sole reason to get us to spend our money.

Nevertheless, my curiosity was awakened and I started browsing the internet for more information. After reading a lot of comments and reviews, it was clear that the intensity of Insanity workout was not to be taken lightly and for some odd reason, this seemed to challenge me. I wanted to try it out, see for myself what it was like and see whether I could stomach it.

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Reviewing expectations of 2012 and defining expectations and improvements for 2013

One year ago, at the start of 2012, I defined some expectations I had for 2012. Now, one year later, we are already celebrating the start of 2013. An ideal time to review my previous expectations and set my expectations for the new upcoming year.

My expectations for 2012 were:

  1. A decent mouse
    Got myself a decent Microsoft and Steelseries gaming mouse. The gaming mouse won the battle!
  2. A decent bookshelf and some hardcover books to fill it. Just so I can touch and love them
    I currently have 4 hardcover books on my precious bookshelf, which I have all consumed.
  3. Get the Windows Communication Foundation Communication Developer certification
    Done exam january 2012
  4. Get the Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    Done exam february 2012
  5. Get better at c# like some of its aspects like asynchrony, LINQ, lambda’s and general use
    Done a good job here, but still a work in progress, most likely for the rest of my life…
  6. Write at least 50 blog posts for 2012
    Wrote 37 blog posts, of which most where at january and february. Been a bit slacking on this point ever since …
  7. Read at least 12 IT-related books
    Managed to read about 8 IT-related books in 2012, of which the last 4 made the bookshelf
  8. Become rich
    I wish …

And of course the expectations for 2013:

  1. Get my bookshelf up to at least 10 hardcover IT-related books.
  2. Read at least 5 IT-related books
  3. Obtain 3 of the new Microsoft certifications
  4. Write 5 blog articles in 2013, not counting book reviews
  5. Start a personal development project for fun. Any ideas are welcome!
  6. Dig deeper into the following topics: Unit Testing, Test-Driven Development, Design patterns, Scrum, Extreme Programming and Security
  7. Play around with another language
  8. Learn and use more advanced keybindings

What are your goals and expectations ?
And of course happy new year to all:

Happy new year with hot babes


Finally got an 120 GB Intel SSD 510


One of my expectations and improvements for 2012 was getting myself an SSD for speeding up my enterprise laptop. The decision ended up being an Intel SSD 510 series SSD, which apparently is compatible with our enterprise laptop and is a reliable disk.

The result:

Intel SSD 510


Hopefully it’s giving me as much pleasure as the cost of the SSD was!


Improving your infrastructure: A developer must have


Improving my infrastructure was one of my goals for 2012. Having some more comfort spending so much time on my desk and computer, would be a good investment.

Apparently my parents agree with it, as they did their part in improving my infrastructure.
They found a developer must have:

Developer must have

Developer must have

Guess I won’t be having cold feet anytime soon!


Acquired myself a Microsoft wireless arc mouse


As mentioned in this previous post, I set a few personal improvements and goals for 2012:

One of the improvements I hoped to make for myself in 2012 was getting a decent mouse. A quite easy to complete task and why not start the new year by working towards my expectations, step by step.
The newest member to my desk, a Microsoft Arc Mouse:

Microsoft Arc MouseMicrosoft Arc Mouse

Was about time to replace my current mouse, a Dell wireless bluetooth mouse. For some reason it managed to die every few hours, forcing me to re install the mouse again at the bluetooth devices every time again.

I hope it feels as good as it looks ;)


Expectations and improvements for 2012

The new year 2012 has started, so an ideal time to set my expectations, goals and improvements for 2012.

Happy new year 2012

As a developer who spends a lot of time at home on his computer and desk, it is about time I start improving my infrastructure. Every day I spend a range from 4 tot 16 hours a day on my laptop, my desk and my desk chair. Considering improving my infrastructure could improve my comfort and motivation, these are the things I would like to improve for 2012:

  1. A decent mouse
  2. A decent bookshelf and some hardcover books to fill it. Just so I can touch and love them!

Having a few goals is just as important, even if I do not succeed at all of them. I need a direction to work towards, otherwise I just run around like a crazy chick which will result only doing half work.

The goals I would like to achieve for 2012:

  1. Get the Windows Communication Foundation Communication Developer certification
  2. Get the Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  3. Get better at c# like some of its aspects like asynchrony, LINQ, lambda’s and general use
  4. Write at least 50 blog posts for 2012
  5. Read at least 12 IT-related books
  6. Become rich

Within 1 year of now, I will be able to evaluate my expectations for 2012.

What are your goals and expectations ?