About Me

I’m Robbin Cremers and this is my blog where I express my opinions and interests.

I am a developer with focus on the Microsoft.NET technology stack. My interests are cloud computing (Windows Azure) and rich web development, though I would like to learn everything that the Microsoft.NET platform has to offer!

You might run into me at some Belgian community events like Visug, Azug and general community events, aslong it is about Microsoft technology.

In my spare time I like to spend some time reading up on technical blogs or attempt to upgrade my human memory by reading some books. I occasionally also like to watch a movie.

In the non-virtual world, I like food & wine. My hobbies are squash and cycling.
I currently work for Devoteam Belgium.

Blog: http://robbincremers.me
Twitter: http://twitter.com/robbincremers
Bio: http://about.me/robbincremers 

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.