Expectations and improvements for 2012

The new year 2012 has started, so an ideal time to set my expectations, goals and improvements for 2012.

Happy new year 2012

As a developer who spends a lot of time at home on his computer and desk, it is about time I start improving my infrastructure. Every day I spend a range from 4 tot 16 hours a day on my laptop, my desk and my desk chair. Considering improving my infrastructure could improve my comfort and motivation, these are the things I would like to improve for 2012:

  1. A decent mouse
  2. A decent bookshelf and some hardcover books to fill it. Just so I can touch and love them!

Having a few goals is just as important, even if I do not succeed at all of them. I need a direction to work towards, otherwise I just run around like a crazy chick which will result only doing half work.

The goals I would like to achieve for 2012:

  1. Get the Windows Communication Foundation Communication Developer certification
  2. Get the Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  3. Get better at c# like some of its aspects like asynchrony, LINQ, lambda’s and general use
  4. Write at least 50 blog posts for 2012
  5. Read at least 12 IT-related books
  6. Become rich

Within 1 year of now, I will be able to evaluate my expectations for 2012.

What are your goals and expectations ?


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